Page Plus Cellular is a Verizon MVNO. An MVNO is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNO’s use the same network as larger carriers and provide cellphone service to some of the same popular contract smartphones. Page Plus service is 100% no contract and you never have to pay extra for a shared data plan. Get all the benefits of smartphone service at half the cost.

If you have been looking to get out of Verizon contract and lower your Verizon bill without losing the coverage you love, then pageplus is the best option for you. You can activate new cellphone service and keep your number, and its free to start.


Bring your popular smartphone and get free Page Plus activation. We can start your new smartphone service plan with pageplus today. Currently, you can NOT bring a Sprint android or Sprint iphone to be activated. You must bring a phone with a clean meid to get new service. Clean MEID = Phone has not been reported lost or stolen and does NOT have a past due Verizon bill.

The bring your own phone service helps you avoid a large upfront cost to start new cellphone service. Check out some of the most popular phones for Page Plus service. There are hundreds of phones available for the PagePlus bring your own phone service. If you have any questions about your phone before you request activation, plesae email us at support@activatepageplus.com


Motorola Droid X


Motorola Droid 3


iPhone 4s


HTC Incredible 2

LG Env Touch

LG ENV Touch

Motorola Citrus

Motorola Citrus

Casio G'zon Commando

Casio G’Zone Commando

LG Cosmos Touch

LG Cosmos Touch

samsung galaxy fascinate

Samsung Galaxy Fascinate


Samsung Intensity 2

lg vortex

LG Vortex

LG Ally

LG Ally


$12 Monthly Plan – 250 Nationwide Call Minutes – 250 Texts – 10MB of Data

$29 Monthly Plan – 1200 Nationwide Call Minutes – 3000 Texts – 500MB of Data

$39 Monthly Plan – Unlimited Nationwide Call Minutes – Unlimited Texts – 500MB of Data

$55 Monthly Plan – Unlimited Nationwide Call Minutes – Unlimited Texts – 2GB of Data

$69 Monthly Plan – Unlimited Nationwide Call Minutes – Unlimited Texts – 5GB of Data


If you are currently inside of your Verizon contract with no other options to lower your Verizon bill, then we can certainly transfer your number to Page Plus. We do NOT pay your early termination fee, and you should just do the math to determine if switching to a more affordable plan would justify paying the Verizon early termination fee.

Page Plus Wireless currently only provides 3g cellphone service. 4g handsets such as the Motorola Razr Maxx, Samsung Galaxy s4 or the iPhone 5s require flash service to be activated with PagePlus. Our service is not for phone flashing. We can however recommend a phone flashing service if you email us.


Believe it or not, 9 out of every 10 new cellphone activations in the United States is to a prepaid service provider. Prepaid service using a Verizon MVNO or any other MVNO service offers you a clear advantage over signing a 1 or 2 year contract for mobile phone service. The average customer using MVNO Verizon service pays about 1/3 the cost than customer using a Verizon share data plan.

Get free Page Plus activation and save a bundle each month on your cellphone plan. Get Started Today and select the best prepaid plan for your wireless needs.`